Every member of The Doll Bazaar is required to read, understand, and adhere to the following rules, as well as the Terms of Service which are subject to change from time to time.

Community Rules

  • One account per member. Please do not create multiple accounts.
  • Each user should create a feedback thread upon registration, even if he or she has not sold anything through The Doll Bazaar yet.
  • Recasts or copies of dolls are not to be sold in The Bazaar. Other items are welcome. If a person was confirmed to be selling illegal recasts, they will be banned without further notice and not allowed access to The Bazaar again.
  • All listings should be clear and precise, and must include at least two pictures. Listings with no pictures will be deleted and you will be required to post it again.
  • Upon completing a transaction, the respective listings must be deleted. Not edited, deleted. Please make sure to delete old posts. This is your responsibility as a seller. Warnings will be issued to those who fail to delete completed sales. In the case of services (i.e. face ups, modifications, sewing etc.) mark your listing as “Closed” once you have stopped taking commissions, and back to “Active/Available/Open” when you’re available again.
  • Always be respectful and mindful of others. Harassment, cursing and cyber-bullying others will result in a ban.
  • Contacting the seller is to be through the “Contact Author form on each listing, and NOT via comments.
  • As a member of The Doll Bazaar, you are encouraged to help keep our environment safe. If you suspect fishy behaviour, do not ignore it. Report them to us immediately. This does not mean ‘demand the seller to take down their listing’ or witch-hunting. Just report it and we’ll do the rest!


Posting Criteria

What can be advertised:

  • Dolls, their parts and items, clothing, shoes etc.
  • Face-up/modification/other commissions & services
  • Doll clothing patterns
  • Many more!

What can’t be advertised:

  • Recasts/counterfeit items
  • General shop/company links (etsy, eBay, website etc). Ads should always be about a specific item or service.
  • Any item unrelated to dolls. Small toys in-scale to dolls and meant for dolls (teddy bears, tiny dolls) are okay. My Little Ponies, Zelfs, etc, are not.

Unsure of some items? Just ask! :-)


The Bazaar’s Terms of Service:

The Doll Bazaar will not be responsible for any bad transactions, fraud or scams resulting from advertisements made on the website, and will not compensate the buyer or seller. By joining, sellers and buyers agree that they are fully responsible and accountable for the negotiations and agreements between them. The Doll Bazaar only acts as a database of a wide collection of advertisements from across the globe. All members are required to read, understand and agree to these terms upon registering.