Using The Bazaar is simple. Just read the instructions below on what you need help with, and surely you’ll be up and running in no time!

New! We are a dual-purpose site!

What does that mean? It means The Doll Bazaar has expanded to meet more of your needs, and is better than ever!
Now, the Bazaar caters to both sellers and buyers, by integrating a fresh new sister-site to the main one, one we refer to as the “WTB” site.

“WTB” stands for “Want to Buy”, a term used by those who are looking to buy something in particular, and want to shout it out to the world in hopes of finding a seller who has the item they want. And our new site allows you to do just that! Now you can tell the world you’re looking for that specific pair of doll jeans or thinking of commissioning an artist for a custom coloured wig by heading over to [ ] or using the little floating peek-a-boo arrow sign “>” on the right side of the page to switch between both sites. Yes, its that easy!

You’ll know you’re in the right place because we’ve added a sleek new repainted layout so no one gets lost on their way around.
Thanks to your tremendously helpful feedback, this section now features a special forum for those who want to host group listings the easy way! To do this, find the “Host a Group Order!” button like the one below, and you will be directed to the Group Listings Forum.

Host a Group Order!


New! Social Media Auto-Sharing

This new integration allows our users to easily spread the word about their listing to as many people as possible, across multiple social networks, without doing all the dirty work, we do it for you! Any listing posted on The Doll Bazaar, whether on the main site or the WTB section, will automatically get posted on our Facebook, Twitter and tumblr accounts, without you even breaking a sweat!
This isn’t just convenient for sellers, but for buyers as well! Whatever your favourite social media platform is, and wherever you’re accessing it from, whether thats your tumblr or Facebook feed, you’ll be able to view what people are buying and selling through our account on the same networks! Simultaneously, people can reblog/share/retweet/etc your ad to push it further around the deliveries!


To be able to post your listings or contact our buyers, you will need to have an account with us. To join, simply click on the “Register” button on the top right corner of the homepage.

Fill out your information. Make sure you use your main email address as people will contact you through it. One account per user please. Creating multiple accounts will result in a ban for both accounts. We don’t want to see you leave :(

***Important!!*** You do NOT have to create another account to use the WTB section of the Bazaar. Your previous account will work on both sites, but will not share your listing information from each of them.

That’s it! Once you send the form you can start using your account to sell and buy items, view your past listings, and more in your user panel. Make sure that you head over to the “Forums” page when you’re done and create a feedback thread for yourself, it is part of your registration :)


The Doll Bazaar implements a small forum board to address issues in an easier manner, as well as create a database for past transactions each user has made. This is done by creating a separate thread per user, and anyone who has dealt with said user leaves feedback on their experience with them. Each user is responsible for creating his or her own thread and linking it in their profile, so it is easier to find. Users who don’t have feedback threads generally have less of a chance to buy or sell to others as these threads act as a proof of their business integrity.
Since the addition of the WTB section, the forums have not been separated and remain the same and accessible from the main site (those visiting from the WTB section will be redirected automatically).

New! Group Listings – Users can now host Group Listings using the special forum exclusive to and accessible only through the WTB section of The Doll Bazaar. To do this, you will need to click on the “Host a Group Order” button, similar to the one below, to access that part of the site. The “Forum” page on the top main menu will redirect you to the Feedback Threads forum on the main site.

Host a Group Order!


Commissions and Services

Commissions and services are also part of The Doll Bazaar, but have a few unique rules to them. Sellers who offer services are exempt from deleting their listings when they are sold, because they are not one specific item or product. If you offer a service with a specific number of slots, you must change the status of your listing only. This can be done via ‘Edit Listing’ in the listing page, and under ‘Listing Details’, choose the status of your choice. “Active/Available/Open” is when you’re accepting commissions and “Closed” is when your slots are full.

In the case you’re the buyer looking to commission a seller, you must delete your listing once the position has been filled and you are no longer looking to commission anyone else.


One should keep in mind that The Doll Bazaar is not an online store such as Amazon or eBay. There is no form of payment that can be sent through our website. This means that there is no “Add to Cart” option, and buyers are not able to send money to sellers through a PayPal checkout option or anything of that nature.

Purchases are made between the negotiation of the buyer and seller through the “contact seller/author” button found on each listing. There are various online methods of payments that can be used to transfer money, the choice unique to every seller, and thus, the purchases are the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer. The Doll Bazaar is not and will not be liable for any bad transactions that are resulted from the use of the website, this is the reason why it is extremely important for buyers and sellers to read the rules and deal only with those who are trusted and have feedback on our site or elsewhere.

This does not mean that we take scammers lightly. We strive to create a safe and enjoyable shopping environment for everyone, so that such cases do not happen. This is why the ‘one account per user’ rule is implemented, and failing to adhere to that is a ban-able offence. Once a scammer is detected, he or she will no longer have access to The Bazaar.
If you suspect someone is not being truthful, please contact us immediately at  [ ] or via our contact us page.
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll do our best to assist you!


Happy shopping!

The Doll Bazaar