The Doll Bazaar is an online doll market organised as a collection of classifieds and listings for just about anything doll related! Our sole purpose is to be the number #1 stop for a huge array of dolly needs, so you don’t have to look around on multiple social networks or groups to find what you’re looking for.
To make it even easier, any listing you submit on The Doll Bazaar is automatically shared on our social media platforms, so that others can follow and track our new listings on their preferred platform.*

Examples of what can be advertised:

  • Dolls, their parts and items, clothing, shoes etc.
  • Face-up/modification/other commission services
  • Doll clothing patterns
  • Many more!

* This is a new integration! Currently, once you submit a listing whether on the main site or the WTB site, an excerpt will automatically be submitted on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, for your and other user’s convenience. This will help spread more word out about your listing, as well as give our shoppers an easier way to browse on their preferred social network. Other social networks will be coming soon! Have a particular one in mind? Let us know!

Need to know more? Read about this new feature on the How-To page!

We are everywhere!



The Doll Bazaar is created by doll lovers for doll lovers; from anywhere and everywhere around the world. It is limited to simply… nobody! Anyone looking to buy or sell dolls or their items is welcome to join the bazaar. It is an invitation-free environment where the only thing that’s getting in the way between you and your buyers or sellers is the registration process.. which takes about 5 minutes if not less.



Because The Doll Bazaar’s aim is to be as easy and simple as possible, we provide you with a basic tutorial on how to use it to work your way around the market. It’s very simple! The only obligation is for you to read the rules and follow them, they’re very important for everyone’s safety.

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact us form or by email: contact@thedollbazaar.com

Happy shopping!

The Doll Bazaar